Pondless Waterfalls – Concrete Vs Pond Liner

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The get-rich-quick agency in the pond liner industry has affected up the amount of pond liner kits to according the amount of accurate construction. If you look for the accuracy about accurate ponds and waterfalls from account the abstract of the greed-driven liner pond industry, you will not acquisition it. Why? Because if the accuracy be known, no one in their appropriate apperception would advance good, hard-earned money in a pond liner!

The pond liner clue almanac speaks for itself:

More than 37% of all waterfalls accept austere structural accident aural 3 years of construction.

57% of homeowners say they are rather aghast with the way their avalanche came out afterwards the activity was completed.

One in three waterfalls and ponds are aperture baptize aural nine months of completion.

63% of “do-it-yourselfers” say they admired they had the able advice from the “get go” or that they had assassin someone.

These statistics are from the pond liner industry itself (Bob Wilder, 48-Hour Waterfall). I can affirm and adjure to these abstracts myself. I accept congenital over 1,900 accurate and rebar waterfalls and ponds over the accomplished 26 years. I accept ripped out and replaced dozens of abnormal liner ponds and replaced them with accurate ones with lifetime warranties.

Pond liner guys will not attach added than a one-year warranty. They accomplish no agreement adjoin rats, mice, arena squirrels, gophers, timberline roots and aciculate objects.

Let’s analyze apples to lemons… First, let’s allocution about apples (concrete waterfalls). We will assemble a pondless avalanche that is 20 inches advanced at the top by 20 anxiety long, acceptable 24 inches advanced at the bottom, to actualize a spillway 3 anxiety tall. At the basal is a bolt basin 4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3 ft. deep. The costs of blasting are as follows:

To dig a avalanche and basin takes two men 4 hours @ $20 per hour = $160.

The adjustable PVC aqueduct is 35 ft. @ $1.25 per ft. = $44.
Concrete (3500 psi with stealth fiber)): 2 yards = $250.
20 pieces of 20 ft. x 3/8 inch rebar = $100.
One 1/3 HP aerial ability pump, 2800 GPH, 356 watts = $429.
One anti-vortex cesspool = $10.
Four 2 x 4 ft. abundant artificial corrugated or galvanized affairs to awning the accumulating basin = $35. Setting the rebar: 3 man-hrs. = $225.
Pumping and finishing 2 yards of concrete: 4 man-hrs. @ $75/hr. = $300.
Applying thoro-seal, 1 sack + 1 hour = $43.
Rock assignment + 8 sacks adhesive mix: activity – 8 man-hrs. @ $75/hr. = $600.
Mortar: $40.


With this blazon of construction, no clarify is needed. The baptize in the basin is not apparent to sunlight, so there are no algae. Plus the top band of bedrock and the planks are calmly removed for charwoman out bits about already a year. If a artificial awning is placed over the planks afore the bedrock layer, charwoman is bargain by 90%.

Now let’s allocution about the lemons (the liner folks). The pondless avalanche liner kit advertised by all the aggregation of the “liner messiah” on their websites is $1,940 + tax & shipping, or $2,176.

And now for the math: One concrete/rebar architecture pondless avalanche completed with high-efficiency pump = $2,236. One pondless liner kit to body a pondless avalanche of the exact aforementioned ambit = $2,176. If I did the algebraic correctly, the completed accurate pondless avalanche costs $60 added than the pondless avalanche liner kit; however, it is still in the box!

Concrete and rebar pondless avalanche has a lifetime warranty. Liner pondless waterfall: 1 yr. assurance on labor, lifetime assurance adjoin branch defect. But there is no assurance whatsoever adjoin holes acquired by rats, mice, arena squirrels, gophers, timberline roots, aciculate objects, etc. Sorry Charlie!

Concrete and rebar pondless waterfalls use a high-efficiency above-ground pump that is accessible to account (it has a 3 yr. warranty). The 1/3 HP pump is small, actual quiet, and calmly hidden abaft a brace of rocks or plants abutting to the falls, or piped to accession allotment of the yard. The liner pondless avalanche uses a submersible sump pump that is placed in the basal of the basin, and again active with hundreds of pounds of rocks. To account this pump (only a 2 yr. warranty), all the slimy, corrupt rocks accept to be removed from the basin first.

The accurate and rebar pondless avalanche pump produces 5,800 gallons per hour at alone 356 watts (retail $429). The liner pondless avalanche kit comes with a sump pump (they acquaint as “the best pump on the market”). It produces 5,700 gal/hour (100 gal. less) at a whopping 911 watts of ability (over alert that of the above-ground pump). You will pay $525 added per year for electricity (at $.12/kwh) for that added 555 watts. Their pump costs $600 retail ($171 added than the above-ground). Oh, did I acknowledgment “the best assurance in the industry” is alone 2 years, compared to 3 years for the above-ground?

The accurate and rebar pondless waterfall’s rocks are all mortared in place. So anyone, abnormally baby children, can ascend on the rocks after them moving, with accessible austere abrasion resulting. With liner pondless waterfalls, rocks will move and about-face on their own after help. Afterwards a few months, the animal liner is apparent in the avalanche and about the pond.

While architecture the accurate pondless waterfall, architecture liberties can be taken, such as altering the length, amplitude or appearance of the feature. With a liner pondless waterfall, the ambit accept already been set by the architect of the kit.

The accurate pondless avalanche can advance the large, accessible basin to install an Aquafill automated baptize leveling device. In addition, the basin can be fabricated abate because the amplitude for baptize is not taken up by rocks as it is in the liner pondless avalanche basin. The alone bedrock that exists is on top of the galvanized or artificial axle cover.

Wow! Accurate waterfalls are stationary, permanent, lifetime life-expectancy, cheaper to build, cheaper to operate, easier to clean, accessible to maintain, best pump warranty, safer and added accustomed looking! Apples or lemons? You be the judge!

I am ailing and annoyed of these amateurs giving my life-long profession a bad name by their exaggerated, backbiting and amazing claims – alone to be backed up by a ambiguous assurance and, at best, base workmanship. My disclaimer: There are professionals installing liners that do booty measures to anticipate rodent or basis attacks by agreement a anticipate band of adhesive beneath and over the liner.